The goal of the MCCS dress code is to encourage students to view school with an attitude of seriousness, as opposed to one of casualness. The manner in which people dress has an effect on their confidence and performance in all areas of life. At MCCS, we would like the manner of our students’ dress to reflect that God has made them uniquely male and female while at the same time allowing for individuality, and taking into account economic feasibility.

The dress code below should be enforced by the parents and adhered to by the student. Please do not transfer the responsibility of dress code enforcement to the school. Students in violation of the dress code will not be admitted to class until parents have brought appropriate clothing to the school.

  • The basic MCCS uniform consists of a white, navy or burgundy polo shirt (long or short sleeved) and khaki, navy, or black pants.
  • Students may also wear black jeans. No acid wash or hole-y jeans will be allowed.
  • Khaki, navy, or black walking shorts may also be worn as weather allows.
  • Pants and shorts are to be properly fitted and in good condition, not over-sized or undersized. This often becomes a challenge in the spring, as children grow out of their start-of-the-year uniform pants.
  • Shorts should be no higher than 6 inches above the knee.
  • K - 5th grade girls may wear a navy or khaki jumper or knee-length skirt; 5th - 8th grade girls may wear a long or knee-length skirt.
  • Girls may wear tasteful, modest, and clean shorts or leggings under dresses or skirts.
  • **Students may wear tasteful, modest, clean, sweatshirts and outerwear.**
    • Currently, our uniform policy allows for “tasteful, modest, clean sweatshirts and outerwear”. The school board has requested thatwe ask students to wear a MCCS sweatshirt, or solid navy blue, burgundy, or white sweatshirt or sweater while in the classroom. They may continue to wear non-uniform hoodies while at recess. MCCS sweatshirts may be purchased in the office for $14/regular hoody, and $17 for a zip up hoody. We will be placing an order soon, be sure to come into the office and fill out a yellow order form (located on the bulletin board in the foyer). We will begin to enforce this new policy beginning with Quarter 2 (November 10th)
  • Footwear must be worn at all times. Sandals with a heel strap are acceptable, “flipflops” are not. Tennis shoes with “wheels” are not allowed at school.

Used uniform items are available for purchase from the school’s uniform room. You may also purchase MCCS logo crew sweatshirts, hoodies and P.E. shirts from the school office.
More uniform information such as P.E. Uniforms for (5th-8th Grades), field trips, service projects and middle school casual fridays (7th - 8th Grade) can be found in the Student Handbook.